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USA Location Is Critical! Inner City Update — Gospel Light Baptist Church in Jamaica, Queens, New York By Dana Dice God has been good to us as we serve Him in New York City! Souls are being saved, baptized, and discipled. We are growing into an independent, fundamental Baptist church. Many have supported us prayerfully and financially. Several pastors have come to see the work over the years, and some have brought people to minister with us. We are very grateful for the investment that has been made in us and Gospel Light Baptist Church. Gospel Light Baptist Church has been in a storefront location for years and has paid high rent for the entire time. During this period God helped me to grow as a pastor and as an under shepherd. God has matured the people of our church. We are an inner-city work with a large number of people passing through in a transient style typical of our locality. It is God who has placed members in this church body to stay and serve the Lord. Our son-in-law and daughter work with us, and my sister has been with us since 2000. God has put our hearts here and we seek to see the work grow. Gospel Light had a good year in 2015. Several were saved. Three adults were baptized during the last quarter. We had approximately 100 in attendance on November 1, our anniversary service. Over the last couple of years, we have seen our attendance rise and Old location fall as it has been crowded into our 100-seat storefront auditorium. Additional space would allow us to do much more and reach more people! In the mid-summer we noticed a building that had a sign posted “For Lease or For Sale.” This building is fourteen short blocks from our church on the same busy Hillside Avenue. I have prayed for years to obtain a building for our church in the same neighborhood and on the same busy street. This is crucial! If we move too far away or into a residential area, it will negate much of the outreach we have done in this area and make us less visible—location is critical! I have discussed this need at length with our sending church pastor and he is in favor of our moving ahead to acquire this building. The leadership at BIMI is also in favor of our taking steps to obtain such a property. This building has 2,850 square feet of area on the first floor and 2,850 square feet of area in the basement. The first floor can be easily renovated into an auditorium so we could obtain a certificate of occupancy. We will have to build bathrooms. There is a parking lot behind the church. It is a building full of potential. The space is three times our current building. The property is zoned for a church and has the potential of 27,000 square feet of building space that could be built upon the lot. Our church is currently giving weekly to the Building Fund for this building. Recently, we took 25 adults to see the building. There is an excitement in our church about this opportunity. We are praying for God to make this a reality. Would you join us in prayer that God will provide this facility for our ministry? W For more information on the Dice family go to New location