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USA I Just Want To Finish Well For You By Treasa Fox, Mesa, Arizona Growing up in a small community in Prosperity, West Virginia, I never dreamed that God would use me to reach others outside of my community. I met my husband, Steve, at Tennessee Temple College in 1972. We married and joined BIMI to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” We had three wonderful sons along the way. The Lord prepared us for the place He wanted us to go by sending us to other places to get experience and “stick-to- itiveness.” Steve and I worked in St. Thomas, Trinidad, and also in the Philippines. When God called us to work among the Native Americans, we knew little about the ministry other than it was a slow and discouraging work. Many discouraged us in going to this field and thought the Lord could use us much more effectively somewhere else. However, if we did not go, who would go? The leading of God was strong as He directed us to the Salt River Indian Community in 1985 where there was a small group of people with no pastor to lead them. In the beginning, our efforts seemed useless and we began to be discouraged. God reminded us that He just wanted us to remain faithful and allow Him to do the work in hearts. Steve began to work one-on-one with some of the men, many of whom were addicted to alcohol. Much time was spent just being a friend and talking with them about the Lord. Sometimes, it meant repairing a roof or a car. Steve called it “love with work clothes on.” At other times he would share the Word with some into the wee hours of the morning. After what seemed like forever, there was beginning to be a trust that we really did care for them. God began to work in the hearts of the men as well as the women and children. It has been such a joy to see many saved over the years and to see how the Lord has changed the hearts and lives of those for whom He died. It was in 2007 when Steve was diagnosed with colon cancer. Even through all of his treatments and his fight to remain healthy, he worked with even more diligence to reach the Native People and also those he met who were also battling cancer. He went home to be with the Lord on June 12, 2015. The ministry continues with a Native American pastor. All during Steve’s illness, he was training and grooming Neil Price to be the new shepherd of the flock. I thank the Lord that He has allowed me to have a part in serving Him here. Much of my time in the last few years has been delegating my jobs to others while I was caretaker to my husband. Now I am ready to work again with diligence in the growth of the work here. We are moving forward as a mission church anxious to see what the Lord will do next. 4