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The following are some comments from those to whom we minister: I am 14 years old and am of the Navajo and Hopi tribes. Pastor and Mrs. Fox have played an enormous role in my spiritual growth. Seeing the love for the Lord that Pastor Fox had even when he was battling cancer was astonishing. The desire he had to preach and serve the Lord was unlike any other. Even though his body was weak, his spirit was as strong as ever. Seeing this made me truly see the power of God. Pastor Fox has influenced me greatly. Seeing the love that he and Mrs. Fox had for the Lord made me question my connection with the Lord. My relationship with the Lord has increased tremendously. Lately, I have been researching Bible colleges and would like to attend one after high school. Seeing how Pastor Fox has deeply affected my family, others, and me has made me want to serve the Lord through ministry. I would like to become a pastor in the future, God willing. Whatever God has planned for me, I cannot wait to find out. —Ethan Neeley I am honored to have learned and served under the Christian teachings of Pastor and Mrs. Fox for these past 30 years. They modeled faithfulness, commitment, service, and love for the Lord. As a result, my life changed as I rededicated myself to the Lord and I followed the steps of Mrs. Fox in becoming a Sunday school and children’s church teacher. She also led my three daughters to receive Christ as their Savior. I am thankful that they provided for our youth opportunities for growth by teaching them to lead Vacation Bible School and taking them to church camp, AWANA, and other activities with other church youth groups. —Theresa Price 5