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I am penning this synopsis of my life’s road to recovery because of the missionary work of Stephen and Treasa Fox. It was through his preaching that I came to the truth of the redemptive work of the cross. Had not Stephen Fox knocked on my door, I may not have experienced this wonderful knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ. Pastor Fox’s work on the Pima reservation led many men and women to be transformed and freed from the bondage of sin and unbelief. I have also seen his work of ministry to his last days. He fought the good fight and left us with God’s standard to live by. The Foxes loved God and left the worldly benefits behind so men and women on the Indian reservation would come to a salvation knowledge of the Lord. I would not have had this testimony had they not been patient with me to grow and mature in the Lord. One day Pastor Fox asked me if I could be a Sunday school teacher, even though there were other qualified men in the church. I felt the least qualified, but I also knew if I did not accept this invitation, I would be refusing God Himself of the privilege of teaching His Word, so I timidly accepted. I thank God for the hard work they put into our lives, so we would become mature in our faith. —Andrew Price After Steve’s homegoing, I found a handwritten note in his wallet. It read: “Because I do not know how to pray each day and each night for the next day, Lord, because I do not know when or what day you are taking me home, this is my prayer for each day. Lord, if I continue in this life today and am still here this evening, help me to live the day so you will be honored and be glorified and proud. And Lord, if I die today in this life, and you bring me home to be with you today, may I have lived this day in a manner that no one has to guess whom I belonged to or why I was alive. I want to finish this life so that you might be glorified. When it is all said and done, I just want to finish well for you.”  W 6 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2016