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Southeast Asia Steven Maldoff , Southeast Asia Director “Please help us put God and the Bible in our schools!” By Alan Brooks In May 2016 a team of BIMI representatives traveled to Papua New Guinea at the invitation of national leaders to meet with the Minister of Education and the leadership of the entire school system in Papua New Guinea. These government leaders had learned that we had provided 221,000 Bibles for the students in all the schools in Fiji. We met with The Honorable Nick Kuman, Minister of Education; Dr. Uke Kombra, Permanent Secretary; and Dr. Walipi Wingi, Deputy Secretary, and learned how God had been working behind the scenes to prepare the way for this open door. God had placed a dear Christian man, Dr. Walipi Wingi, in a leadership role in the Department of Education—just as Esther in the Old Testament was placed in the right position to 10 BIMI WORLD Number 2, 2016 be used to deliver the children of God from Haman’s anger and vengeance. Dr. Wingi has been placed in the right position for such a time as this. He said in a recent email, “This is God’s project and God will ensure we all make this project a reality.” We also learned that the Speaker of the National Parliament had received a first edition King James Bible and proclaimed that the King James Bible is to be the official Bible of Papua New Guinea. They then placed it as the centerpiece in the House of Parliament. “Mr. Prime Minister, we need moral values more than anything else in this nation. You will find that the Bible is the only source that contains those values more than any other Faith document.” — The Honorable Theodore Zurenouc