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“Receiving this Bible today adds to the sense of significance as we define our nation.” — The Honorable Peter O’Neill, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Another preparation was that the Department of Education had recently held a special summit to deal with the moral and discipline problems in the schools. After days of discussion, the final decision was that they needed to get the Bible and Christian values into the schools. This is what motivated the request to “Please help us put God and the Bible in our schools!” We had no idea that God had totally prepared the way for us! During the meeting, the minister asked us to please hold assemblies to share with the students the reason “why the Bible is such a special book.” WOW! What an open door to impact an entire country! BIMI has set a goal by God’s grace to help fulfill their request. We have divided the project into phases. Phase one is to distribute to all of the secondary schools (grades 9–12). This will take 270,000 Bibles. The second phase will be the primary schools (grades 4–8). In the second phase we will need close to one million Bibles. The third phase will Dan DeLong, Candidate Director consist of the elementary schools (grades 1–3). We will need 910,000 Bibles. The cost to print, ship, and distribute these Bibles is $3 each. The door is open to distribute 2.16 million Bibles. If your church would like a representative to come and personally share about this project, please contact Alan Brooks at or call or text (423) 504-3132. We have prepared a short DVD of this project that is available upon request. Will you please pray and give to accomplish this unprecedented open door? Donations may be sent to BIMI Account #1319 or given online at W Alan Brooks, Southeast Asia Assistant Director 11