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Central America By Mark Lockhart It was a warm April day in 1999 when Adela Miranda sat in a metal chair on the patio of a home in the town of Nicolas Romero, Mexico. A handful of believers, mostly women, met there for a Thursday evening Bible study. As the small group began to sing hymns, Adela thought, “Why am I here listening to this when I could be home enjoying the familiar music of the ranch?” It was not long before the Bible was opened and the pastor began to preach about hell and who would spend eternity there. Once again, Adela questioned, “Why do I deserve to go to such a terrible place?” The Holy Spirit brought conviction to her heart. Now, as the preacher asked questions, Adela was intently listening. In response, she buckled to her knees and under conviction of her sin, she sought and received forgiveness from God. She accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior that day. Adela became a part of this small mission endeavor and attended there until God sent a missionary to establish a church plant nearby. She has remained faithful for seventeen years. She has taken her children to church and has done her best to lead each of them in the ways of the Lord, but she was never able to guide her husband into an understanding of his need to trust Christ. After her salvation, the preacher had opportunities to share the Gospel with Jacobo (Jacob), her husband. Jacob heard the Gospel message many times and declined to respond. The missionary with whom I worked 12 BIMI WORLD Number 2, 2016 shared the Gospel with him again and again. I was Adela’s pastor for seven years prior to turning the work over to a national pastor in 2009. I also shared the Gospel with him on many occasions. Since 2009, the national pastor has witnessed to Jacob on multiple occasions, and he continually refused to turn to God. During my pastorate there, God allowed me some special opportunities. Jacob was a tennis instructor at a somewhat exclusive club, and although I played tennis as a youth and even took a tennis course in college, I could never have been an equal competitor. Nonetheless, I had the privilege of infrequently playing tennis with Jacob. He was quite accomplished and had even won competitive tournaments. Additionally, he had been instructor to some very important people here in Mexico. Adela has five grown children, and without the spiritual support of a father, it has been difficult for her. Yet, she has remained faithful to church and has done her best to be a good wife. Jacob had been employed at one of several clubs operated by Casa Blanca for 27 years prior to March 16, 2016. Adela received a phone call at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon. The caller identified himself and stated that he was calling from the club Casa Blanca, located at a particular address. Adela recognized the address and knew that it was not common for Jacob to be at that location,