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and she perceived that something was awry. The caller informed Adela that Jacob had been involved in an attempted robbery. She thought to herself, “If it was an attempted robbery, why would you be calling me?” She then asked the caller, “Was the robbery attempted or was he robbed?” “Well, he was indeed robbed, and he is in the hospital. He was shot once in each of his legs and in the head.” Adela collapsed to the ground and cried out to God, “Dear God, not like this, not now; let me see him again!” She rushed to the hospital. Jacob’s belongings were turned over to her, including his blood-filled tennis shoes and blood-stained clothing. Adela was able to see Jacob prior to his being taken in for surgery. He was lying on the gurney speaking nonsense, but the good news was that he had not been shot in the head but had received a severe blow to the head with the weapon itself. Jacob had been observed making a withdrawal from his bank, and the crooks had followed him. Jacob tried to outmaneuver the thieves and make a getaway to the other club. He was robbed at the gated entrance to the club. The doctors quickly moved him into surgery to repair the shattered femur of his right leg and whatever additional damage he had sustained from the gunshot to his left leg. Jacob already knew what he needed to do. All that was needed was for him to pray. March 21, 2016, while in the hospital, Jacob finally gave his heart to Christ. Jacob told the preacher, “Tell Brother Mark that I got saved.” Galatians 6:9 says, And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Seventeen years of faithful witness brought Jacob to Jesus. While I conversed with Adela and Jacob about everything that had transpired, it was a special time of reflection and rejoicing. I said to him, “Jacob, all the times I played tennis with you I was not interested in winning the match; I was trying to win your soul.” Jacob just smiled and said, “Now I know that.” The finished work of missions may require many years and many people, as it did in Jacob’s case. Jacob related to me that he had come to know the truth through his wife, his children, and four preachers, but he comprehended the truth when God brought him to this dark place. Jacob is now in church with his wife and is excited about the things of God and being in church. W God was merciful to Jacob, and He had answered Adela’s prayer! From the moment Adela saw Jacob, he told his wife to call her pastor because he wanted to talk to him. The pastor was out of town and did not arrive until five days later. When he did arrive, Jacob simply stated, “Now, I want to be saved.” Adela & Jacob 13