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Far North By Wesley Burns Around the corner / Around the world A soul needs Jesus / A soul who’s never heard Let’s take the good news / Let’s take God’s living Word Around the corner / Around the world When God called us to go around the corner with the Gospel, we responded. At the time, we were living in New Brunswick, Canada, and were actively involved in a Bible-believing, independent Baptist church. God had already placed in our hearts a desire to serve Him in missions, but we did not know where. Just around the corner from us was the province of Québec, home to over 8.1 million people. A recent study estimates that there are fewer than 40,000 professing Christians in the province—less than one percent of the population profess Jesus Christ as Savior. Québec boasts a humanistic society that rejects biblical truth. God began placing in our hearts a desire to reach our fellow Canadians with the Gospel, and specifically, our neighboring province of Québec. In September 2012 we moved, along with our two children Kelsey and Kenan, to Québec City to begin French language school. In January 2014 we moved 12 hours northeast of Québec City to begin a French church planting ministry in Havre-Saint-Pierre, which has a population of 3,500 souls. The economy of this Catholic community depends largely on the fishing industry, the mining industry (titanium/iron ore), and the hydroelectric project on the Romaine River. When we arrived in Havre-Saint-Pierre, we knew of only three believers in the community who were interested in Bible studies. We began meeting in our home, and three months later God provided a wonderful facility for the church to rent for Sunday services. We still hold the mid-week prayer meeting in our home. Eglise Biblique Baptiste de la Minganie (Mingan Bible Baptist Church) is the only Bible-preaching church in the community. Since our arrival, we have seen God open doors of opportunity to share the Gospel with the lost. In the summer of 2014, we held a two-day children’s VBS program and hosted a free Hope Supper: two Inuit individuals came and heard the Gospel. Recently, God gave us an amazing opportunity to present a Christmas program as well as an Easter program at the local retirement residence and at the hospital chapel. In addition to singing songs, we also shared the Gospel message to approximately 40 individuals who attended. God has also given several good opportunities to witness to the gentleman who rents us the building for church services. We praise the Lord for each of these open doors! Although we are based in Havre-Saint-Pierre, we realize that the need to spread the Gospel extends far beyond our community to include this whole region. Havre-Saint-Pierre is located 14 BIMI WORLD Number 2, 2016 Knocking on doors