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Small plane needed Baptism, October 2015 on the beautiful north shore of the Saint Lawrence River. There are numerous other communities along the north shore that need to hear the Good News. Route 138 is the only road that follows the shore of the Saint Lawrence and accesses these many coastal communities. Since 2014, we have distributed the Gospel of John and Romans and other Gospel literature in the communities of Sheldrake, Rivière-au-Tonnerre, Rivière-Saint- Jean, Magpie, Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, Mingan, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Port-Menier (on Anticosti Island), Baie-Johan-Beetz, Aguanish, L’Île-Michon, Natashquan, the Nutashquan native reserve, Pointe-Parent, and Kegaska. This includes communities up to one and a quarter hour to the west of Havre-Saint-Pierre and all of the communities to the east (up to two and a half hours away). The road ends 205 kilometers east of Havre-Saint-Pierreat at the English community of Kegaska. Beyond the end of the road system, there are many remote communities representing nearly 5,000 English, French, and Inuit souls who need to hear the Gospel. God has given us a desire to share the Good News just around the corner in this remote region. A small airplane is needed to enable us to reach these areas for Christ. I hold a single-engine, commercial pilot’s license and I am also a certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. For the past two years, we have been raising funds for an airplane to facilitate this important ministry in the remote communities in Québec (and possibly beyond into Labrador). Just recently, we have seen the Lord provide the funds needed to purchase a small airplane for this ministry. We now seek the Lord’s wisdom as we begin researching possibilities in anticipation of purchasing an airplane and launching this ministry. We trust that God will continue to provide the resources for the ongoing operational needs of this aviation ministry and that He will soon give us wings to minister around the corner in these remote communities! We are preparing for takeoff! W Rebecca, Wes, Kenan, & Kelsey Burns 15