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Far North Taking the Light to the North Church Planting in New Brunswick, Canada By Joel Buckingham Canada, the world’s second largest country (in land area), is quickly becoming one of the most diverse nations in the world. It is home to many large cities and metropolitan areas, but it also has countless small towns and villages scattered all across her great land. Many of these smaller towns have yet to have a Bible- preaching church reaching them in their community. It has been cited that there are more independent Baptist churches in some American cities than in all of Canada! God has called us, Joel and Holly Buckingham, to take the Gospel light to the people in New Brunswick, Canada. The picturesque province of New Brunswick makes up part of the Maritime Provinces and shares its borders with Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the State of Maine. New Brunswick is the only bilingual province in Canada with English and French being its two official languages. In its early days, New Brunswick was the launching point for the Canadian Baptist movement and at one time it was known as the Bible Belt of Canada. New Brunswick was also instrumental in the founding of the nation of Canada. Sir Samuel Tilley, one of Canada’s Founding Fathers as well as the Premier of New Brunswick, was known as a God-fearing man. In 1867 during a meeting with the Founding Fathers, Sir Tilley read Psalm 72:8 that states: He shall have dominion also from sea to sea. Sir Tilley recommended that this new country be named The Dominion of Canada. Although New Brunswick can boast a Christian heritage, those days for the most part have fallen by the wayside. The northern part of New Brunswick to this day remains vastly unreached with the Gospel. It is home to many Acadian people, a French Joel, Holly, Emily, & Wesley Buckingham 16