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people group that live in parts of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Maine. The northern county of Restigouche has a population of 32,000 people, and it is here that God has burdened us to reach souls with the good news of the Gospel. Restigouche County is a dream world for the outdoorsman. It is home to the world famous Restigouche River, and it boasts some of the best Atlantic salmon fishing in the world. Although it is a scenic area, the spiritual condition in northern New Brunswick is dark. The main religion throughout the region is Catholicism. Even though this area has some of the friendliest people in the world, many individuals are cold towards the Gospel. God has laid the city of Campbellton on my heart to be the place for the planting of an independent Baptist church. Campbellton is the northernmost city in the province and the hub for Restigouche County. It is nestled in the hills of the Appalachians. Campbellton is a bilingual city with 40 percent claiming French as their first language. Holly and I had the privilege of growing up in Christian homes, and we were both saved at the age of five years old. I grew up in New Brunswick with an Acadian heritage. Shortly after my salvation, God called me to be a preacher, and it was during Bible college that God gave me a burden for my home province of New Brunswick. The Apostle Paul had a desire to reach his own people with the Gospel. Paul states in Romans 10:1 the following: Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. With my heritage, we have a unique opportunity and open door to reach the people on the north shore. We covet your prayers for the spiritual needs of Canada and for the souls of northern New Brunswick. W W 17