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My wife and I have often compared a situation we were presently facing with one we had experienced in the past. If the two shared similar circumstances (especially the root cause), we have jokingly said that the present one was “exactly the same but different” from the past situation. We have also used this oxymoron in regard to a new place we were visiting that reminded us of somewhere we had been before. Additionally, we have also said this about David H. Snyder President/General Director a person we just met who closely resembled someone else we already knew. Obviously, it is impossible for two things to be exactly the same and also be 2 BIMI WORLD Number 2, 2016 different at the same time. What we mean by our comparison/contrast statement is that there are some uncanny similarities between two situations, places, or people. During a recent visit to Honduras, I noticed that what I was experiencing was “exactly the same but different” than what I had experienced in other parts of the world. Some of the things I smelled, heard, tasted, felt, and saw were unique to Honduras. Nonetheless, as I considered the situation, the place, and the people in light of the Great Commission, I realized that it was indeed “exactly the same but different” from the rest of the world. The situation in Honduras is one of people busily going from one place to another doing their best to make a living. There are many colorful things for sale