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World Missions Center Lifter Uppers at Baptist International Missions By Dan DeLong Candidate School has just finished, and God met with us again at the Home Office at Harrison Bay. Our theme this year is Laying Down Our Lives | Lifting Up Our Lord. The Lord was lifted up this week as teachers taught, preachers preached, candidates learned, and workers worked. Everything that was done at this year’s Candidate School was to lift up our Lord. I asked myself this question, What moves us all to do this? The answer is the Lord Jesus Christ. Our motive is our love for the Lord who always moves us to lift Him up. Our message is the Lord’s Gospel that moves us to lift Him up. Our mandate is we must go and lift up the Lord. Yes, the Home Office campus was full of “lifter uppers” this week. When you see their photos and the countries to which the Lord has called them, you will understand why we say, “Lifting up the Lord” is what BIMI does all around the world. Allow me to present to you the June 2016 Candidate School Classes I and II from Baptist International Missions, Inc. W (pictured on the following pages are our newest candidates) 2015 & 2016 Candidates with BIMI Directors and Staff 4