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South America GOD’S AMAZING ANSWER TO PAULO By Ed Johnson Paulo and his wife, Aurora, were very religious people. They had a longing for truth and wanted to get to know the Lord, but they were also very frustrated and empty. They were both very involved in their Pentecostal churches. Because of different problems and circumstances, each went to a different church. They were taught that baptism saves and in order to prove their salvation, they had to speak in tongues. Paulo had heard that the Baptist church was a church that really took the Bible seriously and taught God´s Word. He wanted to go to one but there were no Baptist churches close by. He started praying that God would open the doors for him. He prayed that he could find a church where the truth was taught, one that would help him and his family come closer to God and closer together. Paulo & Aurora’s first visit 8 A few weeks later, we went by his house while he was at work and left an invitation at his door for the inauguration of New Life Baptist Church. He was so excited that God had answered his prayers so promptly! He knew that as soon as possible, he would come visit us. His wife, on the other hand, was more reluctant but was willing to come with her husband. They were not able to come for the inauguration but they did come the next week, along with their two daughters Brenda and Alice. Paulo and Aurora were impressed by the love and reception they received. Both made a decision for Christ and left with the assurance of their salvation. Aurora told her husband that if New Life Baptist was the church he felt God wanted him to be in, she would follow him. The next week I visited them in their home and they informed me that they were each going to leave their church and join our church together as a family. Shortly thereafter, they were part of our first baptismal group and became some of our charter members. What a difference six months has made in their lives! They have been faithful in spite of trials and tribulations the Lord has allowed into their lives. Paulo lost his job, yet his faith has not wavered. Their friends from their previous churches as well as many of their Catholic family members have criticized them and seen them as black sheep, yet they have flourished and have even