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been able to bring several family members and friends to visit the church. People are beginning to see a difference in their lives. Their marriage, family, and spiritual lives have not been the same. They have become faithful pillars of the church and have been involving themselves in everything from soul winning to nursery care to usher work. Paulo tells everyone he can, “My family and I have learned and grown more at New Life Baptist Church in the last six months than we had at all the other churches we had gone to.” Praise the Lord—God´s Word changes lives! When my family and I came to Taubaté, we did not know a single soul. We were scared to death about starting a church and sometimes wondered, “Why Taubaté?” Now it is clear to us—because of Paulo and others like him. I have no doubt that Taubaté is the place where the Lord wanted us. The Lord has truly blessed but it has not been because of us. It has been because of His Word! The Word of God is being sown and is producing fruit. We have just had the privilege of being the sowers of the seed. There are people all over the world who are praying that God would bring a Baptist church or a soul winner to them. They are seeking for truth but are being deceived by the hundreds of false doctrines out there. We have a responsibility to go and find them in Brazil, in the States, or elsewhere. Let us work while it is still day. Let us find those “Paulos” and be God´s answer to their prayers. W Gerri Johnson and Aurora Daniel , Maribel, Ed, & Abigail Johnson 9