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SOUTHEAST ASIA Sir, May I Please Have a Bible? By Alan Brooks Can you imagine what it would be like to hand a young person their very first Bible? This may not seem like a big deal in the States, but in most third world countries, this is not just their first Bible but possibly the only book they have ever owned. God has allowed Baptist International Missions, Inc., to be a part of several Bible Projects in the following Southeast Asian countries: Nias Island (Indonesia), Solomon Islands, Myanmar, and Fiji Islands. When our distribution team arrived at a school, the children would often be lined up in the field waiting in the hot sun for us. To see the joy and gratitude that is expressed is truly hard to describe. I specifically remember in Indonesia that the children would shake our hands and then touch their hearts. When I asked the nationals what they meant by this, I was extremely humbled. To shake our hands was to express their gratitude but then to touch their hearts meant that they meant it 8 with all their hearts. Many of the young people immediately turned to the plan of salvation in the front of the Bible and began reading. On one of the outer islands in Fiji, the headmaster had taken an article from the Fiji Times (a national newspaper) about the Bible distribution and pinned it to the wall in his office as a reminder to pray that we would make it to his island and school. When we arrived at the school, the joy on his face was unbelievable. The headmaster of one large (1,400 students) Hindu secondary school shared his doubts that we could control and keep the high schoolers attention for the assembly. God truly anointed the meeting. The young people listened attentively and responded enthusiastically. God worked in a great way! The headmaster said he had never seen the children act so well and he insisted we stay to eat with him and talk about God. Only God could do these things!