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another nation. I heard firsthand from the missionaries how God saved, called, sent, and sustained them on the field. I learned about the frustrations of cultural adaptation and language acquisition, not by merely the testimonies of the missionaries, but from the language classes I actually had to take as a student missionary. I learned many practical things about missions, but these came as an aside to learning the importance of having a heart that is right with God. Human missionaries cannot succeed in their endeavors without the Grace of God working in their hearts to seek Him for help and wisdom. Another very important lesson the SMART trip taught me was the brevity of life. God has given us just a few years to serve him. My time on the SMART trip to Mongolia and Taiwan was over in a blink, as were the lives of Purev’s sons. I tasted the urgency that the missionaries felt as they reached out to their people. During that brief month as a student missionary in two contrasting countries, I shared the burden that weighed so heavily on our missionary hosts’ hearts – the yoke that had been so gently and lovingly laid on them by the Lord Jesus. The call to weep for people in another land comes with the promise of our Lord to one day wipe our tears away. The life that we now live in the flesh will be over in the twinkling of an eye. Whatever you do, wherever you go, it will only be for the blink of an eye. God used my SMART trip to further prepare me to spend my life in His service. My story is not over by far, and I trust that God will continue to lead me. Kenny Oates (CB I ’14, SM ’15, CB II ’16, SM ’17) graduated with an engineering degree and has also taken courses at his church’s Bible Institute. He currently works for Bridgestone Tire. CAMP BIMI II ≠ CAMP BIMI I Lianna Cuellar Others were making me nervous about CAMP BIMI II: “Just get used to the idea of no rest, and you’ll be fine!” someone said with a sympathetic smile. Another said, “Learn to like your teammates now because you’re going to spend a lot of time with them, and you’ll probably become frustrated with them!” My favorite was, “If you fall asleep at the meal table and land in your bowl of soup, don’t worry. I’ll clean you up!” I really had no idea of what was in store. CAMP BIMI I mimicked college: going from class to class with short breaks in between, chapel in the evenings, and devotions before lights out. Naturally, I expected CB II to reflect that schedule, but that notion was far from reality! While CB II does have some similarities to CB I (meal times, evening chapel, and dorm devotions), CB II presented many different opportunities for hands-on learning. Everything from writing prayer letters to designing prayer cards and letterhead provided the opportunity to momentarily step into a missionary’s world, and I was able to understand what would be required of me as a new missionary. The highlight of the week was working with an amazing team of CB II students to create a promotional video for CAMP BIMI. The project was demanding but rewarding. The atmosphere was always dominated by Christian fellowship, laughter, and friendship. By God’s grace, frustration with each other was almost non-existent. CB II also gave us the chance to further relationships with one another and the missionaries on staff. Overall, CAMP BIMI II inspired and amazed me! Lianna Cuellar (CB I ’15b, CB II ’16, CB III ‘17) lives in Arizona and continues to move towards missions as the Lord leads her.