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Never Give Up Josh Durden When I was first called to missions, I thought that only the missionaries themselves were important to God’s work. But I learned something at CAMP BIMI that changed my life forever: every soul is precious and has a puzzle piece in God’s plan. Whether that is working at Kimberly-Clark for many years, as my dad did, operating a machine, or living in the heart of Africa, each person is important to God’s work, and God truly honors faithfulness.  Many Christian laymen in our home church in South Caro- lina love the Lord and have an impact on people that you and I may never meet. The same was true for me during my years as a boxer, working at Kroger and Starbucks, and now as a missionary in Japan. CAMP BIMI taught me that each person is important in the ministry. “NEVER GIVE UP, AND NEVER STOP BELIEVING!” One night during my third year of Bible school, I was ready to quit. Amy had just given birth to Abigail, and the catalytic converter on the car that I drove to work and school had quit work- ing. Our finances were bleak, and nothing seemed to be going right. I remember telling Amy, “I am going back to boxing where I can make a great living for us doing what I was successful at, and I will just give up this ministry busi- ness.” I was being honest. I have never forgotten what Amy said next: “I didn’t marry a quitter. Go look at the picture on our dresser one more time.” The picture she referred to was of me wearing my boxing robe. On the back of the robe were the words “NEVER GIVE UP, AND NEVER STOP BELIEVING.” The words came from the movie Rocky Balboa. That night I determined that no matter what hap- pened, we would serve the Lord. While presenting our ministry during deputation, I often quoted, “Life’s not about how hard of a hit you can’s about how many you can take and still keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” Isn’t this true? What if Jesus had decided to quit while walking up Golgotha’s hill? Where would we be today? We would be heading to hell! What Christ did for us should motivate us to press on for Him. He was knocked down by death for our sin, but He rose again the third day. He won the battle! I must praise the Lord for all He has done in guiding, leading, and directing our lives.  He certainly knows what is best.  And it is because of Him that I can “NEVER GIVE UP, AND NEVER STOP BELIEVING!” CAMP BIMI helped me to understand that we can serve the Lord in America or anywhere in the world! I pray each day that those who are contemplating attending CAMP BIMI will just say “Yes” to the cause of Christ—whatever that may be for their lives. CAMP BIMI is an opportunity for God to change us! Joshua and Amy Durden (CB I ’11a, CB II ’12, CB III ’15), along with their daughter and two sons, serve as missionaries in Japan. They arrived on the field in January 2016.