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Volume 17, Issue 2 Summer 2017 A Call To Salvation by Laura Wallace My husband and family were stationed in Okinawa, Japan. While we were living overseas, we were blessed to be members of a missionary church to the US Military. In 2005 I received heartbreaking news that my unsaved dad was diagnosed with multiple cancers. My mom asked me to come back to New York to help take care of him. She needed help because one of the cancers was of the brain. One Sunday before I left for New York to face this diffi cult time in our family’s life, a man stood up in church and gave a testimony of his dad’s salvation. He said, “My dad was sick and in the hospital and our pastor called him and talked to him about his salvation. My dad accepted Christ as his Savior over the telephone.” I looked at my husband and said, “Can he do that???” I do not know why this never occurred to me before. After the service, I went to our pastor and told him that my dad was unsaved and in the hospital with terminal cancer. I asked if he would please, please call my dad in New York and tell him about the Lord Jesus. The pastor said, “Of course.” Dr. Jeff Alverson, Director/Editor Rev. Steve Nutt, Assistant Editor Dr. James Kennard, Military International Representative The next morning, Monday morning in Okinawa which was Monday afternoon in New York, our pastor called my dad and talked to him for a few minutes before hospital personnel came to get him for a test. Our pastor asked my dad if he could call him back later and my dad said, “Please do.” My pastor called me and told me that he did not think my dad was putting him off but was going for a test. Our pastor said he would call my dad back in an hour. Our pastor and the entire Christian academy were praying for my dad to be saved. My girls and I were home schooling around the kitchen table and we also stopped and prayed for my dad and their granddaddy to be saved. A little over an hour and a half later, our pastor called and gave me the great news that my dad had accepted Christ as his Savior! I could hear the teachers and students rejoicing in the background. I called my dad because I needed to hear it from him. Yes, he was saved. That week I left for New York to spend my dad’s last month on earth with him while he was in Hospice. I was saved Thanksgiving Day 1990 and the last day I saw my dad alive was Thanksgiving Day 2005. At my dad’s funeral, I was asked to give this testimony. I walked to the front with my Bible and was able to give the plan of salvation to everyone in attendance. When I returned to Okinawa, I gave my testimony to our church. My family and I are so thankful for missionaries to our US Military around the world, and we are thankful to those of you who support these missionaries who have impacted our lives abroad— and in the States.