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A Macedonian Call By V. Eugene Kennard At the turn of the twentieth century, men like Billy Sunday preached for weeks in each city or town which was targeted. During this time in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, a man named Mordecai Fowler Ham preached such a revival. In one of those revival meetings, J.R. Faulkner trusted Christ as his Savior. Many years later Dr. J.R. Faulkner performed the marriage of James and Gail Kennard, my parents. Dr. Faulkner served as associate to Dr. Lee Roberson, the pastor of Highland Park Baptist Church. On September 7, 1937, James Kennard was born in southern Mississippi. Through difficult times he learned a work ethic that has spanned decades. At the age of 17, he joined the US Navy (1955) and was stationed aboard the USS Hancock. While on shore leave in San Diego, he was wandering the streets of that city. He never touched alcohol or embraced the stereotypical sailor lifestyle. That evening, a man approached him with an invitation to attend a church service. Jim Kennard preaching aboard ship 1955 That night in 1955, darkness turned into light. James Kennard gave his life to Christ. The man who mentored him is known simply as Brother Brown. During the following months, James Kennard preached aboard ship. Pastor Brown advised James to consider a training ground for his future, given the fact that he had felt the calling of God upon his life. James Kennard attended Tennessee Temple Schools, a ministry of the Highland Park Baptist Church and Dr. Lee Roberson. After years under Dr. Roberson’s leadership, the school’s attendance rose to several thousand in enrollment. James Kennard arrived in a Studebaker he had purchased and his goal was to carry out God’s design for his life. He began his academic career as a nobody. Before long, however, he began to be a cut above the rest. Working various jobs with a full academic load, he became the pastor of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church on Lookout Mountain. He combed the mountain knocking on doors and winning souls to Christ. Jim Kennard San Diego 1957 Jim with Dan and Sharon Daughterty and teachers Gail Hughes was invited by a friend to join her in attending Pleasant Grove Baptist Church to hear two Tennessee Temple students from Formosa (Taiwan). However, the girls arrived too late to hear the program. Gail, who was being drawn by the Holy Spirit, decided to go back. When she first saw James Kennard, she assumed he was married. Little did she know that he was not and that a missionary in the Philippines had taught James to pray daily for his future wife. Later on, James Kennard visited the home where Gail lived with her family. It was at that time that he knew she would one day be his wife. They were married by Dr. J.R. Faulkner on June 4, 1960.