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April 15, 2017 Joyce’s Journals Military Missions in Germany Fresh Fruit & Remaining Fruit Missions is all about bearing fruit for our Lord—John 15:16. I want to share with you two short stories of bearing fruit in Germany; one is about fresh fruit and the other is about remaining fruit. My husband and I recently spent two weeks (January 23–February 6) in Germany visiting two of our military churches. While we were in these churches, we were able to spend time with some of our military missionaries, their families, and military families in the churches. We were at Wiesbaden Baptist Church in Wiesbaden with the Brent Skillen Family the first week and at the Heritage Baptist Church in Mehlingen with Roy and Ellen Smith the second week. While we were there, we had two special blessings come our way that we were able to bring home in our hearts—the memory of Fresh Fruit and Remaining Fruit. First Blessing — Fresh Fruit: At Wiesbaden Baptist Church we saw a soldier who had been in the Army for 20 plus years follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. Brother Brett Skillen had been visiting this man and witnessing to him in his home upon several occasions. Finally, he accepted Christ as His personal Savior and the Sunday we were there, he was baptized as his wife and young son looked on. Second Blessing — Remaining Fruit: At Heritage Baptist Church in Mehlingen, we were able to spend time with Roy and Ellen Smith who have been serving the Lord in Military Missions for over 30 years. While my husband was preaching at Heritage that week, he was blessed to see a young Air Force man present in the service who had been in Jeff ’s ministry in Hahn, Germany, when he served as a missionary pastor there at Grace Baptist Church in the 1980s. This young Air Force pilot was just a small child at the time. The young man’s family accepted Christ while they were at Grace. His father served in the Air Force there in Hahn. Aaron Frey is now a captain/pilot of an F-16 fighter plane. What a blessing to see fruit remaining in Germany while we were there! Go and bring forth fruit [fresh fruit], and that your fruit should remain [remaining fruit] (John 15:16b). Yes, missions is about gathering fruit for the Lord—fresh fruit, but the reward of missions is seeing your fruit remain.