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Baptist International Missions, Inc. P.O. Box 9 Harrison, TN 37341 God’s Speed Bumps RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED By Chris Parker Non-Profi t Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Permit No. 88 Chattanooga, TN The term Speed Bump made its appearance in the early 1970s and refers to a rounded ridge placed crossways in pavement for the purpose of slowing traffic. Today, it is also used in reference to something that slows a project or plan. God has placed speed bumps along the believer’s path that He uses to slow the believer down or cause him to wait. God called me to preach on December 31, 1976. I was in the U.S. Navy at the time and had three years remaining on my enlistment. I was discharged from the Navy in November 1979 and started Bible school in January 1980. My wife, Junior, and I were accepted by Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI), in the latter part of 1981 and I graduated from Tennessee Temple University in 1982. After a short deputation period, we arrived in Spain in May 1983 and began our work with the U.S. Military and their families stationed at Naval Station Rota. For the next 33 years we have been busy serving the Lord in Rota, Spain; Meridian, Mississippi; and Iwakuni, Japan. We have loved the work, stayed busy in the ministries God has given us, and never felt led to take a full furlough. When we left Iwakuni in October 2016, our intentions were to wait a few months for God to lead us into another overseas ministry. However, we have encountered one of God’s speed bumps. In the middle of December, Junior’s right lung filled with fluid and had to be drained (actually two times). The resulting test of the fluid revealed cancer and further tests have shown she has cancer in several areas of her body. This is definitely a speed bump we did not see coming! The argument could also be made that God had us in the right place at the appropriate time. Currently, we are staying in the Chattanooga area and Junior is being treated at Tennessee Oncology. The doctor told us, “I can’t make the cancer go away, but I believe I can control it.” We know doctors treat diseases; they do not heal diseases. We also know that our God is the Great Physician and Divine Healer. ank you, thank you! It is exciting to see Yokota Baptist Church Building Fund climb Th What man cannot do, He can! We are not sure the ladder. As you know, this church in Japan has the opportunity to purchase the land, why this speed bump is here at this time, church building, and house. We are asking former members of Yokato Baptist Church but we have full confidence that God is in and and control, knows all about our situation, friends of Military Missions to please help with this project. Please pray every day for this great opportunity. It is also important that will direct our future. each one of us do something financially to help with this We believe God has another ministry for us in the near future. We are church in Japan. praying that God will soon reveal that ministry to us and that this current speed bump will not slow us for too long. However, we are learning that even as we are fulfilling the Great Commission, God places speed bumps in our way to slow us down—at least for a season. Please send offering to BIMI PO Box 9 Harrison, TN 37341-0009 Account #1302 Yokota Building Fund