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Several of her loved ones had died and her family’s property had been destroyed, including both their house and the restaurant. Despite the heartbreak and the slow, painful recovery, she hung on to what little hope she had left—her dream to become a doctor. She was so grateful for what the doctors had done for her and wanted to give back by becoming one. Kim became bitter and suicidal. She hated the government, she hated those who dropped those napalm bombs, and she hated how she looked. After finishing high school, my mother was accepted into medical school in 1982. Her future looked bright, but it would not last long. The gov- ernment would cut her studies short and turn her into a propaganda tool. Her life consisted of being interviewed by for- eign press and being constantly watched by govern- ment “minders.” She had no say in the matter and her family was helpless to do anything. hat little hope she had left was snatched away and she became bitter and suicidal. She hated the government, she hated those who dropped those napalm bombs, and she hated how she looked. In her desperation and in her search for truth, she be- gan daily going to the public library and reading every religious book she could get her hands on. She was raised to believe that there were many gods and many ways to heaven. All of these religious books served only to confuse her. They seemed to be “roads to nowhere.” Then, among those books, she found a New Testament. Reading the New Testament, her eyes fell upon words that would change her destiny—John 14:6. W Forgiveness Kim Bui – a Story of Pastor Robert Wall FaithWay Baptist Church Ajax, ON, Canada Toan and Kim Bui are wonderful church members. They are faithful to the Lord as well as to our local church. Toan and Kim lead our Vietnamese ministry and have a monthly gathering for this group in their home. They actually finished their basement into a meeting place for these gatherings. The Buis are joyful and giving of themselves to these dear people. We love the Buis. I am thankful for the great privilege of being their pastor. Kim travels the world for her foundation and she often has the opportunity to witness to those in government that we might never have the chance to speak to. I believe the Lord has given her a wide audience because of her tragic injuries to tell others of the forgive- ness that is available through Jesus Christ. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. A few months later God allowed a distant relative who was a Christian to visit her family. She had many questions for him and he invited her out to a Gospel-preaching church. This church was having a revival meeting. My mom realized that she had no hope outside of Christ and accepted Him as her per- sonal Saviour on Christmas Day of 1982 at the age of 19. Six months after she was saved, the govern- ment shut down the church, throwing the senior pas- tor and his assistant pastors all in prison. Despite not having a church to attend and still coping with her government-controlled life, and her physical pain, 10 • NATIONS $14.95 Researched on Site For credit card orders, go to If paying by check, use the attached envelope in this magazine.