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where they have been faithfully at- tending ever since. In 1996 my mom was able to meet the man who coordinated that airstrike in Trang Bang that injured her. She forgave him and began a friendship that continues to this day. The Kim Foundation Interna- tional was founded by my mother in 1997. She travels worldwide, sharing her testimony of peace and forgive- ness. Her travels have brought her in touch with dignitaries, celebrities, and government officials, who have been touched by her story. She has had the opportunity to witness to many of these. Despite all the traveling, she is a wonderful wife to her husband and Kim meeting with Queen Elizabeth, an amazing mother to her two sons June 27, 2000, London, England who are in ministry. Photo courtesy of Associated Press My dad studied part-time at Bible she felt a peace and joy that wasn’t only when she was alone in her room. college for eight years and now runs there before. She began dating my dad while she a Vietnamese Ministry within our She now found it possible to for- was studying and any attempt to wit- church. He also has made several give those who had hurt and controlled ness to him resulted in him threatening trips to Vietnam and has won numer- her after reading Luke 6:27–28. to reveal that she had a Bible. ous souls to Christ. But I say unto you which hear, Love They were married in 1992 and My grandparents were sponsored your enemies, do good to them which spent their honeymoon in Moscow, to Canada in 1997 and have been liv- Russia. On the way back from Mos- hate you, Bless them that curse you, ing with us since that time. They both cow, their plane was scheduled to refu- and pray for them which despitefully were saved within the first year of el in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada. use you. their arrival. My grandma is the big- During that one-hour stop, my mom Christ had changed her life. Her gest prayer warrior I know. She never family saw the change in her life, but had the opportunity to go to school stepped out by faith and defected with that only infuriated them, especially and now in her 80s, she has many por- my dad to Canada. my grandma. tions of Scripture memorized, includ- In Toronto, Ontario, they attended ing almost all of Psalm 119! a Baptist church. My dad was saved within the first month. In 1993 God For 22 years my mom prayed for In Cuba the only thing led them to FaithWay Baptist Church her family to be saved. God has an- that kept her going was swered her prayers. Everyone a pocket-sized Bible that on my mom’s side of the fam- she kept under her pillow ily is saved and the majority and would read it only of them are serving the Lord when she was alone in in Vietnam. her room. My mother’s life verse is Psalm 118:17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the In 1984 my mom came into con- works of the Lord. She has tact with the Vietnamese prime minis- taught me to love God and to ter. After explaining her difficult situ- love people who need Christ. ation with her schooling, he arranged She is a large reason why I for her to be sent to Cuba to study in am where I am today. 1986. During those six years of study in Cuba, she had no contact with any And I am so thankful Christians. for… Toan and Kim Bui with son Thomas The only thing that kept her going My Incredible Mother! who serves as a missionary was a pocket-sized Bible that she kept with BIMI going to Indonesia under her pillow and would read it NATIONS • 11