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by Mary ray Forgiveness and . . . The Old Mill The Old Mill is a museum now. It has done better than many of its counterparts that still stand but have broken windows and boarded doors and are eyesores to the communities that sur- round them. In fact, the Enterprise Mill could be considered to be in her “glory days.” It not only has a museum but also modern apartments, up-to-date offices, cafes, and restaurants. T he Old Mill was built in 1848 by James L. development due to the availability of was Enterprise. It was far different from what it water Coleman, an Augusta farmer. In 1877 it be- power railroad. during and my the childhood. The town of Graniteville came the Enterprise Manufacturing Com- dates to 1845 when William Gregg received a charter pany and in 1936 the Enterprise Mill became part of to the Graniteville Manufacturing Company, which the Graniteville Company. Graniteville is in South became known as Graniteville Mill. Carolina just across the Savannah River from Au- gusta, Georgia. ideally since It The had area been was many years suited I for had industrial seen the The following year, Gregg began construction on the mill and on the town that surrounded it. The mill town provided cheap housing, free schools, stores,