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blew for the changing of shifts, feed and clothe, she considered Those who knew her never she made her way with other herself fortunate to have a job. sensed that there was any bitter- workers to her monotonous task Although she and her children did ness, anger, or resentment in her of filling bobbins. At the end of not live in a mill house, she would heart. There were many things the day, her clothes wet with per- have considered one a blessing. that could have caused her to be spiration, she made her way home There was no complaining, no bitter. One such event was the to her children. moaning about her lot in life, just death of her 18-year-old son in an It was not what she chose to a daily prayer that God would let automobile accident. This was a do, but as a single mother with no her live until her children were great sorrow that overshadowed other skills and with children to grown.* her for the rest of her life. Another *She died at age 57, seven days after her youngest child’s 21st birthday. Don’t expect me to write a preface to this amazing book! Don’t expect me to write a preface to this amazing book that has come from the heart, the head, and the pen of Dr. James Ray. You must read it for yourself. I cannot find words to pen an introduction; you must peruse its pages and plumb its depths for yourself. I cannot properly express the deep emotional upheaval I experienced as I prayerfully read each word. Dr. James Ray has rightly brought to life anew the horrors of the hell created by Hitler with the gas chambers and firing squads at Dachau. He has made America face its own damnable Holocaust by murdering its babies by the millions. You must read for yourselves the stories of 14 • NATIONS Christ-loving, God-fearing women whose Bible teaching and practi- cal advice, given along with loving care, impacted not only his life but also many lives—even men like Winston Churchill. Don’t put your book down; you will soon be reading of the price paid by a Scottish missionary, John Paton, who Dr. J. R. Faulkner went to the cannibal-infested New Hebrides Islands in the South Pacific to bury his wife and small child before bringing thousands of those natives to a saving knowledge of Christ. Read on, dear friend. You will feel a touch of anger; you will shed some salty tears. But you will lift your heart in praise for the blessings you will find embedded here. Before his homegoing Dr. J. R. Faulkner served for many years with Dr. Lee Roberson in the leadership of Highland Park Baptist Church and Tennessee Temple University. This book can be ordered from Go to RESOURCES. Also checks are acceptable. Use attached envelope.