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CHRISTIAN HERITAGE RESOURCES This unique collection (with on-site research by James Ray) is ideal for Sunday School Classes, Christian Schools, Home Schools, Mission Conferences and Bible Studies. Don’t allow this great heritage to be lost. great sorrow was when her husband abandoned her, leaving her as the sole provider for herself 3 Audio CDs and the children. While she was grateful for the job at the Old Mill, she could have been resent- ful that she was paid less than men who did the same work, but she was not. She had an astound- ing ability to manage her meager income so that her children never went hungry. She also had an amazing ability to forgive the one who had be- trayed her. While others saw the Old Mill as a relic of the past, I saw it differently. It was here where MY MOTHER toiled day after day that God gave her the incredible gift of… Forgiveness. BOOKS Darling Come Home — $3.00 Incredible Journey in the Steps of Greatness — $14.95 (available in 3 audio CD set) — $19.95 Journey to Eternity — $9.95 (sets forth the credibility of Christianity and answers questions about death, heaven and the hereafter) Embracing the World – $19.95 (the history of BIMI and missions stories) Incredible Stories Along the Journey — $19.95 (Please add $2.50 for shipping. Add $3.50 for 2 or more items.) NATIONS • 15