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Nations Baptist International Missions, Incorporated Non-Profit org U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 88 Chattanooga, TN Magazine PO Box 9, Harrison, TN 37341 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED Embracing the World A special committee met on September 29, 1959. In that meeting Dr. Lee Roberson made the motion that the work of the mission be broadened to . . . Embrace the World! Embra cing th cing The bra m E YOU W RLD WO ay Mary R S ISSION NAL M RNATIO E IST INT F BAPT ORY O A HIST e World This bo ok record great m s the hist issionar ory of on y movem e of Am circling ents. W erica’s the glob ith over e, BIM organiza 1,000 m I paralle issionar tions of ls the dy ies the last changed namic m century. lives an ission This hist d of dedi ory is th local ch cated m e story of urches th en and w rough B omen se IMI to ch nt out by ange the MISSIO world. NA RY STO RIE S ILL NE • The L VER F THAT as • In the t Journey of th ORGE Ja e World T • The U ws of Death ’s Most nknow Traveled n Pr • Death Man in the A ophet and H is Book ndes • Do Yo That C u hanged • Mirac Know the Stor a Villag le y? e • A Hom at 40 Degrees Below ecomin Zero g St • Seeing the Face ory of Death in Sri L anka ABOU T TH E AUT Mary Ra HOR: conver y was born in ted at th e age of South Carolin as a pa sto a se and En r’s wife and as venteen. She and was gl has serv Temple and. She is a missionary ed in Un a grad uate of Australia received iversity and Luther Tennes her Mas Rice Se Doctor see ter of minary of Min Religio istry de and Seminar grees fro us Education y. and m Tem ple Ba ptist File Nu mbe 489384 r: 7 M ISBN-13: 978-0-9 641805 ISBN-10: -4-3 0-96418 05-4-5 $19.95 52 49 5> 9 7809 64 18 0543 The history of BIMI has now been beautifully printed and consists of 311 pages with hundreds of photographs. This work is a tribute to some of God’s greatest servants and a tribute to the work of local churches who have challenged and sent these servants to the ends of the earth. For credit card orders, go to If paying by check, use the attached envelope in this magazine.