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when Mary and I visited Berlin, the one time “heart” of Nazi Germany. As we were walking down the main street, a PIECE of a church—of a Cathedral— loomed up toward the sky. We entered the building and read various accounts of the bombing of BERLIN. Something quickly captured our at- tention. Right in the middle of the room was a CROSS made from huge spikes each one about a foot long—SPIKES from COVENTRY CATHEDRAL in England. After the war, the people of Coventry gathered the spikes from the ashes and with two of them, fashioned a CROSS OF NAILS. This cross was presented to the people of Germany not to remind them of their wickedness but as a gesture of forgiveness. Written un- derneath the Cross of Nails were these words: “WE FORGIVE!” When God became a man and walked upon this earth, the Pharisees 4 • NATIONS mocked Him. The people of his home- town tried to kill Him. Judas, his trusted disciple, betrayed Him. The Jews and Romans crucified Him, but from the cross of nails, there flowed a river of forgiveness unknown to human beings. Father...FORGIVE THEM. The World Needs FORGIVENESS. R omans declares that All have sinned. This is why REPENTANCE is necessary. No one can be saved without REPENTANCE of sin. Believe without Repent is an orphan. It is not that repen- tance within itself can save but it con- stitutes the soil in which true belief and faith can grow. It is an understanding of our guilt and lostness. Repentance means a “change of mind.” Every person must change his or her mind about his con- dition before God. They are NOT OK. Even when repentance is not mentioned in Scriptural salvation experiences, it is THERE. This acknowledgement points us to our only hope—Jesus Christ. Every man is GUILTY. Every name is on the condemned list. He that believeth not is condemned already (John 3:18). The WORLD needs FORGIVENESS! The Christian needs forgiveness. Too long I’ve laid me down to sleep, and prayed the Lord my soul to keep. Too long I’ve laid me down to sleep while multitudes about me weep. My life is short, and soon I’ll stand with sinners’ blood upon my hands; Unless I wake before I die and realize time is passing by. -Dan Truax