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there is an effort to plant more churches while at the same time seeking to sustain and expand existing churches? This need became clearer to me as I found that several of the churches we have helped directly support some of our people overseas. I realized that if these churches do not thrive, in time, our people and their ministries will suffer. What does regional Judaea and Samaria ministry mean? Both places were within the region of Jerusalem, yet each was a unique field of ministry. Judaea was an intra-cultural field; the church was ministering to people who very much mirrored the culture and makeup of the ministry in Jerusalem. So whatever makeup your church is, can you imagine helping a sister church be restored or assisting in planting a sister church like yours in your region or somewhere else in our country? Samaria was a cross-cultural field; the church was ministering to people who, while in the same region, were different culturally. So, you may think about other people groups in your area, state, region, or country that need the Savior and assist a sister church to be restored or a new sister church to be planted that ministers to that people group. I serve in the Southeast United States where, in many places, there is a “church on every corner.” I saw the need in other parts of our country, but not in the South. I had to be convinced of the need and identify the significant changes taking place both in urban sprawl and even historically fundamentalist churches. Before I could lead our church to invest significantly in a regional Great Commission vision, I had to be convinced of it. Whether you are a pastor, a church member, or a missionary, I hope you will be convinced as I am and use your influence for investing in a regional ministry. Going from reading glasses to trifocals took some adjustment, but when the adjustment was made, I could see much clearer in all three phases of vision. You will find the same to be true of your Great Commission vision.