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By Pastor Stan Heindel, Haven Tabernacle Baptist Church, Pensacola, Florida For more than 30 years, I have pastored a church that I helped to start. Over time, I have grown to appreciate more and more those whom God calls and uses in starting independent Baptist churches on many foreign fields and those men of God and their families whom God uses to start churches in the United States. Bob Larson, BIMI USA Director, came to our small church in Pensacola, Florida, in the spring of 2016 while recruiting young men of God at Pensacola Christian College for the 2016 Reseeding America Trip to the West Coast. At that time, Brother Larson did not know me personally nor did I know him. When he called me and asked if he could come and present his ministry, I was somewhat hesitant due to the fact that we usually only have a smaller group in attendance at our church’s Wednesday night prayer service. Normally we do not invite nor have men of God present their ministries during a mid-week service. This time we made the exception for Bob and his wife, Jennifer, to be with us. I am truly grateful and thankful that we did. Why? As they presented their ministry on Reseeding America, God spoke to my heart about going on Reseeding America’s July 2016 Southwest Church Planting Survey Trip for 10–12 days. My wife and family were 100% in favor of my going on this trip. Even though Bob Larson was no doubt seeking to recruit younger men of God for this trip, he encouraged me to travel with them to Arizona, California, and Nevada. This was my first time west of Texas. I flew to Phoenix on July 12 to meet the group. A survey trip stop at Merced Baptist Church I had a wonderful time traveling in Merced, California several thousand miles with Bob Larson, our team leader, and several young men in the group. What a great blessing and time of learning it was for me! One of my goals and burdens as an older pastor is to learn how to better serve church planting ministries both abroad and here in the United States. By meeting and listening to 20 plus church planting pastors and visiting with 10–12 new local church ministries, I was able to learn so much on how to help the next generation of church planters, especially those on the West Coast of the United States. The hospitality and 14 Reseeding America – Spring 2017