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accommodations provided for us by all the pastors, their wives, and their families were well planned, organized, and tremendous! One thing for sure, I was made aware of the fact that church planting in the Western United States is not a quick two- to three-year endeavor. Support for a church planting pastor and Visiting a new church plant in North Las Vegas started by Jorge Noriega, BIMI church planter his family is needed for a longer period. Many will need support for five to seven years before their church reaches self-supporting status. A church planter in the Western United States must determine to go and start his church and be in it for the long haul to be successful. Brother Bob is a very easy man of God to follow and fellowship with. I saw and witnessed firsthand the church planters’ burdens and needs. I also learned of the tremendous burden that Brother Larson has for men of God to plant new churches in the United States and for men of God to take over independent Baptist churches that are without a pastor and are struggling. There is such a need right now in America to restart churches and to keep the doors of existing Baptist churches open in order to continue in the faith. That burden became real to my soul and to me as a pastor as I heard stories of the weekly calls Brother Bob receives concerning this great and growing need in Baptist churches across America. As a result of this survey trip to the Southwest, I am trusting that God will enable me to influence my family, church family, and others to be better prayer warriors, volunteers, and supporters in various ways to independent Baptist church planters throughout the United States. I would highly recommend older pastors to prayerfully consider taking one of these survey trips in the future with BIMI Reseeding America. 2016 Reseeding America Church Planting Survey Team with Pastor Jack Lamb