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2016 USA MISSIONARY UPDATE Allison Castner (on deputation to the Navajo People) “September marked my official full- time deputation start date. God is teaching me to depend on Him for everything, including scheduling of my life.” Pray that Allison will be able to schedule the meetings that she needs and that she will obtain the support that she needs to get to the Navajo in New Mexico. David & Terrie Azzarello (church planters to Ventura, California) Pray for the next “Interest Meeting and Preview Service and Grand Opening Service for Northpointe Baptist Church.” Praises include: “Settled in home in Ventura. I was able to lead my father to the Lord in mid-November and then he passed away during the Thanksgiving holiday.” Nine people were saved at the funeral service Brother Azzarello preached the week after Thanksgiving. John & Sandy Bailes (USA Representatives) Thankful for a good fall season of meetings in many churches in the Northeast. Prayers are appreciated for severe back difficulties. Ed & Mary Beard (church planters to Annapolis, Maryland) “September was Missions Month and our theme for this year was Reaching Our Jerusalem….God increased our giving by $500 a month from last year….The theme for the fall campaign this year is Two for Two. There is a goal 16 Reseeding America – Spring 2017 for each person in the church to bring two visitors.” Tom & Renee Border (working with the Japanese in Ohio) “In May our weekly Bible ladies class completed a study of Women in the Bible….The theme for both of our Joy Clubs was JOY OLYMPICS. What a blessed time we had in Japan August 30–September 23!” Mildred Brush (active in a local church and Bible Institute in Missouri) “It is great to be back into the routine of classes again, though it is taking a great deal of preparation time. We are studying the Gospels and Acts this semester and it is a wonderful study….Another back to school activity is the Good News Club each week at a local school.” Grant Carter (Christian radio) “I turned 90 years old on August 27….I still have the radio station….I have something on Amazon that I wrote many years ago in the Bible Institute….The Lord let me start five Bible Institutes (one of them is a college).” Scott & Tricia Crabtree (Deaf work in Columbus, Ohio, deputation) “Columbus is the 3rd largest city in the nation with Deaf population and it continues to grow. Our intent is to focus on the northern part of Columbus, which will allow us to reach out into the suburbs and towns just north of the city.”