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who are teachers and workers in their respective churches.” Ed & Barbara O’Brien (Hispanic church planting in Henderson, North Carolina) “We look forward to this coming year with excitement and anticipation as we begin Bible School classes for some of our people. We will begin our classes with several who have expressed a desire to study and to train to be better prepared for ministry and to do whatever the Lord may have them to do in the future.” Dale & Faye Painter (church planting in America) “We have about 25–27 people coming to our Sunday morning service at the Mission Home. We preach and people come in off the street. One new family came the last week in November. We met her in the flea market in which we were witnessing.” Chuck & Sue Phelps (church planting in Grain Valley, Missouri) “Time sure does fly when you enjoy what you are doing. God has certainly blessed me with salvation, family, and friends, but most of all, for the opportunity to serve Him. I thank God for the faithful folks at Old Paths Baptist Church.” outreach efforts of the year. Our people worked hard and we had over 25 visitors….We are currently doing follow up on the unbelievers who attended and are trying to break through the traditions of the Catholic Church that are blinding them.” Mark & Stephanie Sage (church replanting in Maineville, Ohio) “We had a great Thanksgiving Service for our veterans. We had 16 veterans in attendance whom we could honor.” David & Annette Townsley (church planting in Terryville, Connecticut) “After a fire destroyed a portion of our church’s building, we began our VBS just 30 minutes later! We continued on outside with our helpers….This was our best attended VBS in many years and God blessed this year with three saved!” Wayne & Barbara Voss (missionaries to Native Americans) “Please continue to pray with us about the use of a video bus in our ministry….I can see how it would be effective in reaching people with the Gospel and in starting a local church among the Native American people…. The bus could be used as a portable meeting place and used for transporting people, too.” Chris & Dawn Phillips (Hispanic church planting in Summerville, South Carolina) “Thanksgiving is one of our largest Reseeding America – Spring 2017 19