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REACHING THE WORLD BY INVESTING IN THE UNITED STATES MISSION FIELD by Bob Larson — USA Director, Reseeding America Ministries One may be questioning the title of this article. The United States a mission field? How could that be? After all, we live in the United States of America! In many parts of our country, one does not have to drive far to see a church of some sort. There are churches all across this country, right? Surely everyone in the United States has had an opportunity to hear the Gospel at least once, or am I wrong? As my wife and I travel year after year participating in church planting projects, church restarts, mission conferences, and meetings, I find there are numerous areas in our own homeland where people have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. In some regions of America, churches that proclaim the Gospel are far and few between. Years ago, as a young church planter, I assumed that our church missions program must be built completely by praying and supporting missionary families who were called to go outside of our country. That was what I had always been taught and that was what every independent Baptist church I had ever been a part of was doing. So as our family started a new church, we would set out to encourage our new congregation to support and send missionaries to the regions beyond our borders. That is basically what I did for years. Now, please do not misunderstand me. Being a part of a ministry like Reseeding America through BIMI (a worldwide mission agency) has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I have come to love the people whom God calls to worldwide missions, the pastors who have a worldwide heart for missions, and churches that pray and support worldwide evangelization. The need for people to be saved through worldwide evangelization has never been greater. I understand the Great Commission command given to the church, and my wife and I give to worldwide missions and our Faith Promise missions program through our local church where we are members. Reseeding America is a ministry of Baptist International Missions, Inc., assisting local churches and their missionary church planters in the starting of new churches and the restarting of churches in decline across the United States. National Reseeding USA Director America Representative Rev. Bob Larson Dr. John Bailes 423-605-6098 423-605-4020