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If you are a pastor or missions committee member of a New Testament Baptist church, let me challenge you to look at your church’s missions budget to see what percentage of your missions giving is going to foreign missions and how much is being invested in United States church planting and church restoration. We can increase our missionary force worldwide by increasing our missionary source. Our missionary sources are new churches started and churches in decline that can be restarted here in the United States. Think how that missions dollar that you invest in a new church plant or church restart here in the homeland will multiply itself ten-fold, twenty-fold, or thirty- fold as each new church that is started or churches that are restarted here in America will send and support missionaries worldwide. I believe it is possible to shorten deputation time for our new missionaries to months instead of years by simply starting more New Testament Baptist churches here in the United States and restarting our churches in decline and getting them reopened and up and functioning again. Perhaps your next missions conference could focus on the United States and you could invite a USA church planter or a family restarting a church to be in that conference. If you need ideas or help with a meeting like this or you are looking for USA church planting families, please contact me at BIMI. I will be glad to help you. I would also encourage you to read the following articles from several pastors who are taking positive steps to lead their churches to reach out into their own Judaea and Samaria.