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The Pierce Family about church planting. I make sure to keep church planting missions before our people consistently through Scripture, prayer, missions conference, visual displays in the church, and simply talking about the need. I work at knowing the region of the country in which God has placed me. Are there areas that need a church? Is there a struggling church on the verge of closing its doors that we can help restore? We also care for those involved in the effort. It is difficult to care about someone or something you know nothing about. I encourage our church to learn about church planting, the missionaries, their families, and their fields. As the old adage goes, “They will not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” So if we truly care about the great need of church planting, how will anyone know unless we communicate this truth? Again, Paul wrote to the church and said, Notwithstanding ye have well done, that ye did communicate with my affliction (Philippians 4:14). Communication is important in all of our relationships. Yes, we request of our missionaries to send us written updates. And yes, we send our missionaries a monthly support check. But this should not be the only communication we ever have with our church planters. I ask our families to communicate directly with the missionary and his family. I am also careful to communicate God’s desire for New Testament churches to His people. We will never “arrive” and our churches should know that we can never stop communicating God’s Truth until His appearing. Now, this third approach—contributing—is the one we most often find ourselves wavering. I do not recall meeting a pastor who does not care about church planting. We are all very good at communicating the need to see more people reached with the Gospel. However, we often get to this point and think God will use someone else to accomplish this Scriptural task given to each of us. May I say, it is not required to have planted a church to be a church planting pastor. The Apostle Paul made a final statement to the Philippians: For even in Thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity (Philippians 4:16). It was profitable to the church that they meet the need in another city for the furtherance of the Gospel. They contributed as many times as was necessary. 8 Reseeding America – Spring 2017