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The Reseeding America ministry of BIMI would like to introduce some of our United States missionary church planters and their families. They will tell their stories as they write about past and present experiences. Some are just finishing deputation or just starting a church, while others are working to establish ministries by secur- ing a more permanent meeting place. One story goes back in time to the need for churches in the Midwest and training men to plant churches in that area. That need still exists today. The fact is that the United States continues to grow as a mission field and many parts of our nation need the Gospel and a New Testament Baptist church. Our hope is that you will see the BIMI ministry of Reseeding America through the eyes of a church planter, his wife, and even the children who have grown up on this mission field. The common thread through the following stories is that there are individuals and families who saw the United States as a mission field and answered the call to go. Their lives and service for the Lord have made and are making a dif- ference. We pray God will raise up many more men and women who will answer the call to evangelize America by starting and establishing New Testament Baptist churches for God’s honor and glory! 13