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Lessons Learned On the Deputation Trail By Teresa Azzarello This week David and I moved into a “new to us” home. For the past 21 months we have been on deputation as USA missionary church planters. Our belongings have been stowed away and we have been carrying only those things we thought we would need for travel. During that time, we realized we brought too much stuff!  Along the way we dropped off a couple of suitcases of off- season clothing and clothing we decided we did not need. We also discovered we could “make-do” with whatever the Lord brought our way. He met our every need. We never lacked for anything! Now, we are unpacking all that we had in storage. Before we left, we sold, discarded, or gave a lot away and felt like we had done a good job of purging. I have asked the Lord for forgiveness. I am astounded and almost ashamed of the outrageous abundance of “things” I had amassed. During deputation I was completely content and felt very blessed with God’s provision. Now I see all I “could not part with” and see how materialistically I lived. I feel my previous views were vain. Do I need 30 purses?  Seventy pairs of shoes? Three closets full of clothes?  How much more could I have given towards 14 missions?  How much more could I have done to propagate the Gospel?  I am thankful for the lessons learned and pray I will continue to learn and grow. Our focus the last 21 months has been on missions. It has been on reaching the lost along the way, praying folks at each church would develop a burden for America, and praying folks would see the need to plant churches across this great land. Though we have been in ministry for more than 25 years, serving on deputation as a BIMI USA Church Planter changed my perspective and showed me God’s provision is always sufficient. As a woman who loves her home and cooking and all things domestic, I found I could still cook in whatever kitchen the Lord provided for the day. There are many mission houses across America that now have measuring cups and spoons, cooking utensils, etc., that I used to prepare meals. I found I could make bread without a bread machine, kitchen aide, or even an oven!  The Lord even allowed me to prepare meals for some of our hosts along the way. I learned in a new way how precious it is to have a church family. We have a church family; however, we are never in our home church. In each new church, I sat back and watched