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to introduce the new church to the community. Sister churches came to help pass out 20,000 invitations to this event, held two weeks before the Grand Opening. The Lord blessed as people came from the community to enjoy the patriotic music, a delicious barbeque meal, a bounce house for the children, and the preaching of God’s Word. Five people were saved during that weekend and another person was saved at a neighborhood Bible study the next week. College students from West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California, have been involved in the pre-opening and the opening of this new church. A smaller ongoing team will be able to assist David and Terrie as the church gets established. Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, California, is the sending church for the Azzarello family. David is not a novice when it comes to planting churches. He and his family have planted several churches in the state of California. He has a God-given burden to see new churches started in California as well as across the entire United States. At BIMI/Reseeding America we look forward to assisting them and encouraging them as they will be starting more new churches in the future. Thank God for church planters who are willing to go where He wants them to go and do what He wants them to do! W 17