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He Will Make a Way! By Ron & Shelby Manuel On September 16, 2012, Lighthouse Baptist Church (LBC) in Avondale, Arizona, held its Grand Opening service. It has been amazing to watch God work in the lives of people and see Him provide for the church. We have also watched the devil fight, but the Lord is all powerful and has a purpose and plan for LBC. For four years and two months, LBC met in an elementary school. Although we knew we were exactly where God wanted us for the time being, we kept our “eyes and ears open” for a building or property to rent or buy. While we waited on the Lord’s timing, our church prayed, saved, took on twelve missionaries, and continued to reach people. During this waiting period, there were several times when our hopes were raised but then God in His wisdom would close the door. In 2014 a lady from Phoenix flew to North Carolina and “happened” to visit the church of Ron’s mother. The two ladies met and Ron’s mother mentioned we were planting a church in Avondale. The lady explained that she had some land she wanted to give and got our contact information. After returning to Arizona, she called us and met our family. She talked with us for a few minutes and then asked how much land we wanted. These were extremely odd circumstances, and we were very excited! For months we prayed, waited, looked into possible building options, etc. She began to express some uncertainty. Ron would call once in a while to see if she had made a decision. After several months, Ron realized God had closed the door. We did not know why the Lord allowed this unusual event to take place, but we knew He was still in control and we continued praying, looking, and waiting. This past summer we looked at some buildings in a strip mall. We found one that had two