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The Fruit of Missions by Richard Jacob My wife and I are products of missions. Born into a nominal Christian home, I never heard the Gospel my entire childhood and teen life. I began to search for the truth and ended up being a part of many cults and false churches. These included the Methodist church, the Anglican church, the Seventh-day Adventist, Jehovah’s Witness, Children of God, and Charismatic churches. My job was working for a camp in the city of Bangalore, India. Three churches came there for a youth camp. As I worked in the cafeteria, Ms. Olive Brittian, a Canadian missionary, approached me. I thought she needed some help. In the course of the conversation, she asked my name. She went on to ask me a simple question, “Richard, if you die tonight where will you spend eternity?” I did not accept the Gospel that day but for three long months I lost sleep. Her question caused me to wonder. Three months later on June 19, 1989, the Lord Jesus Christ became my Savior. I immediately enrolled in an independent Baptist Bible college. In my freshman year, I felt a burden to share the Gospel and tell others what the Lord had done for me. I led a friend to the Lord and soon after started a Sunday school with three children. Soon their families were saved and the Whitefield Baptist Church was born. I pastored there 13 years and was a professor at Calvary Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. During my ministry in India, Roman Catholics, Hindus, and Muslims—children and adults—came to know the Lord. My wife, Leah, grew up in a Christian home. Her dad was a pastor and missionary; therefore, she was taught the Bible from an early 20 age. She attended Sunday school, VBS, and other activities in her church. Even though Leah was raised in a Christian home, Ms. Olive Brittian, who lived next door, sat her down and shared the Gospel. Leah accepted the Lord Jesus as her Savior at the age of 10. God blessed us with three children, Gideon, Emerald, and Marcus. All of them know the Lord. Gideon is a senior (pastoral major) and Emerald a sophomore (music and business major) at Crown College. Marcus is a sophomore at Temple Baptist Academy. God brought us to America in 2005. I served as an assistant pastor at the First Baptist Church of Long Beach, California, under Pastor John Wilkerson for eight years. We moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, in 2013. I worked on the pastoral staff and taught at the Crown College of the Bible. I have been involved in doing missions work in the 1040 Window, especially in India, training nationals and providing Bibles and other tools for churches to evangelize and grow. The Lord has burdened our hearts to start an independent Baptist church and Bible college with a goal to reach and train internationals in Katy, Texas, a suburb of Houston. There is a large influx of internationals in and around Houston. God has made America a mission field. Every 27 seconds an immigrant lands on American soil. Over 41 million immigrants are now in America. God has brought people from almost every nation and corner of the world. Of the 6.3 million people in Houston, 1.4 million are foreign-born. People from Spain, Vietnam, China, Germany, Philippines, France, Korea, India, Africa, and many other nations have made this city their home. God has given us an amazing opportunity to reach these folks