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with the Gospel. We are on deputation to raise support and desire to launch this church as soon as possible. Our family joined BIMI in December 2015. While in a missions conference in Axton, Virginia, I was able to go out soul winning. My visitation partner and I had done all our visits and were about to take the turn leading to the church. The brother who was driving the van suggested we make one more visit. It was to a family he had known but not seen for over 10 years. We got to the cabin and knocked on the door. An elderly lady greeted us and was thrilled to see the man from church, and they talked for a while. I stood there feeling a little odd as I had no idea what they were talking about. A few children saw them on the front porch and were curious as to what they were doing there. I used the opportunity to begin a conversation and began to ask questions to see if they knew the Lord. I sat down with Dakota, Charity, and Landen and shared the Gospel slowly and clearly. Though they lived just a few miles from church, they did not know the Lord. After taking them through the Gospel, I asked them if they realized their need of the Savior. I had the privilege of leading them to the Lord and they rejoiced over their salvation. I asked them to come to church that night as I was going to preach. We asked the children’s dad if he would be kind enough to permit them to come, and he agreed. We promised to pick them up. The children were so excited to see us. I have followed up with the pastor and checked on them. The pastor told me the children were going to get baptized and their dad began to come to church as well. On another occasion, I preached in a church in Rome, New York. At the end of my message, the invitation was given and Jessica, a mother of two little children, raised her hand for salvation. Deputation has been a great ministry for our family. We have seen the Lord use us to be a blessing to many. We get to sing specials, testify, and preach. Souls have been saved, some have been called to the ministry, and others challenged to serve the Lord in their own local churches and communities. God is at work. America needs to be reached with the Gospel. We are thrilled to be a part of God’s work, reseeding America one church at a time and reaching one soul at a time. W 21