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As the daughter of a church planter, I have had many unique opportunities. One opportunity has been seeing God provide—from little needs and wants like food and clothing to big things like housing, vehicles, appliances, church buildings, vacations, and braces! On the deputation trail, we went to 26 states and saw many things like the Grand Canyon, Sequoia National Park, Sea World, and the Blue Hole in Arizona. The Lord also gave the privilege of ministering to our Senators and State Representatives on Capitol Hill. Once a year, this event allows pastors from all over the country to come together and meet with our country’s legislators. One year my sister was able to go on the floor and vote with our senator. A couple of years ago, the Lord called Dad to run for State Representative. Our parents told us and asked us to pray about it. He would not run for office if we were not 100 percent on board. During a pastor’s conference in Highland, Arkansas, the Lord confirmed it in all our hearts. We were excited to serve alongside our parents in running the campaign. We basically lived out of our 15-passenger van—between continuing to serve in ministry and campaigning every day. My parents have always made it a priority to spend quality time with each of us. I have had the security of knowing I am a priority over the ministry. One thing my parents have done is make sure we serve together. We live ministry together and we make it fun! Whether we go to work with Dad or help with chores at home, it is not just my mom or dad running around doing everything. It enables us to be a family when we all work together. Home school has given me the opportunity to manage my time and serve in a greater capacity. The Lord has blessed us in more ways than I can write. We are just ordinary people, but if we surrender to Him, He can and will do extraordinary things with our lives! — Lauren Caldwell The Church Caldwell in Arkansas Family Planters 23