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Step-By-Step By Mildred Brush Our God is an amazing God! It is a privilege to serve Him. I am filled with praise and thanksgiving when I think of His leading in my life. He turned my intention of being a nurse to being a missionary. He directed me from a liberal Christian college to Moody Bible Institute and sound Bible teaching. He made it plain to me that instead of being a single missionary, I was to marry Burton Brush. That was one of the best things that happened to me because Burton was a student of God’s Word and helped me grow spiritually. Burton had a great burden for Midwest USA. The small churches made it necessary to be bi-vocational. While starting a church in Duboise, Wyoming, he worked for the Wyoming Highway Department. That job led to a job with the US Highway Department as an engineer on the Pan American Highway being constructed in Nicaragua. There we became acquainted with Frank and Dorothy Rosser and first learned about Baptist International Missions, Inc. After the Nicaragua job was completed, Burton was pastoring a small church back in the United States, producing a 15-minute daily radio broadcast, helping start churches in two nearby towns, and working a part-time job. Dolphus Price came for an evangelistic meeting and saw all Burton was trying to do. He encouraged us to apply to BIMI as church planting missionaries so Burton could concentrate more time to ministry. God had been leading step-by-step. As a BIMI missionary, Burton began scouting out the towns, checking church needs, and locating people who desired to see a fundamental church started. He visited college campuses to locate pastors for the various openings. However, we soon ran into problems because families from the more populous areas of the Eastern United States experienced culture shock in the Midwest where churches and Christian fellowship was sparse and Walmart stores far apart (literally the reason one family gave for leaving after only three months in the church that had paid their way there to pastor). Many did not stay long. It became evident it would be wise to train men from the Midwest to serve there. Thus, Pioneer Bible Institute was begun in 1975. From the beginning, I was involved in teaching Christian Womanhood, various teacher training courses, and some Bible related subjects such as Bible Customs and Manners. Burton worked long hours preparing and teaching Bible classes. Some pastors from neighboring towns helped in the early days. We had no dormitory so students drove in from nearby towns. In 1982 we moved to Rapid City, South Dakota, to a campus where we could have resident students. Life for me was very busy. Some of those years I taught classes, managed our college book