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Growing While Waiting By Dana Dice We have been in Jamaica, Queens, New York City, since 1999. It is very easy in a city of 8–12 million people to feel as though we are not accom- plishing much. However, we have learned to take it one person at a time and focus on the basics as we point people toward Christ. Our theme for 2016 was based on Psalm 100—Serve the Lord with gladness. We have seen God do great things this year in saving folks in our community and seeing those saved grow in His grace as they study the Word. God has also led some of these to get more involved in specific ministries in our church. One is a lady named Caro- line who got saved by reading the Bible at home. She began looking for a church that lived by the Bible. After joining our church through baptism, she began to come faith- fully to our discipleship class. She has also become involved in maintaining the church storage closet as well as becoming a Sunday school helper. Jamaica, Queens, has an estimated population of 230,000 so there is still much work to be done and we anticipate the Lord’s working in our area. We are pursuing a building of our own. Two prayer requests we have are the fol- lowing: if this building is not for us, He would close the door and if it is His will, He will keep others from buying it. The owner has not budged on the price of $5 million. However, the property is still up for sale! As we wait on the Lord’s timing and leading in this, we have recently begun looking at other buildings in an effort to bring stability to our church. We average between 75–100 people on Sunday and anticipate that we could be more consistent with more room. One building we looked at is a little farther down on 192nd Street in between Hillside and Jamaica Avenues. The building was a house converted into a church and was sold for $1.6 million to a Hindu congregation just a short time before we began looking. 26