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A Journey of Faith By James Mansfield Watchman Nee once said, “The Christian experience, from start to finish, is a journey of faith.” My journey started on February 5, 2002, at the age of 26. I had no idea of the blessings, excitement, and challenges on that road. Up to that point, my life had already been a journey—albeit a faithless one. I was born in Swindon, England. My family relocated to Alberta, Canada, when I was four. The next 22 years were spent growing up in a godless home and searching for a meaning in life. At 21, I began an electrical career, following in my father’s footsteps. I was in Ft. McMurray, Northern Canada, on a job site surrounded by 20 other workers when I was first confronted by a real Christian. He kindly but firmly said to me, “You should think about where you are going when you die.” The Lord used this statement to draw me toward Him. Shortly thereafter, I began carpooling with this man. As he drove me to work that first day, I questioned his previous statement. He happily answered by putting a Bible in my lap. I hurled many questions his way about God in general, all of which he answered with Scripture. Our conversation continued throughout that workday and culminated on the ride home with his piercing question, “So you see you need to get saved?” It was not until we neared my house that I grasped my lost condition and eagerly accepted Christ. The next Sunday I was baptized at Emmanuel Baptist Church. I became faithful to all church services, daily Bible reading, and prayer. Therefore, I grew in my new faith rapidly. I returned to Calgary, my hometown, where I again got 28 involved in every ministry of the church that I could. When only five weeks saved, I went to a conference and surrendered to God’s call to be in full-time Christian service. I finished electrical training and saved enough to enroll in Bible college where I met my wife, Andrea, and surrendered to the mission field. After five years, I graduated from two colleges obtaining my Bachelors and Master of Ministry degrees. The next leg of the journey taught me more than all of college. Faith carried us through 2.5 years of deputation. We moved to my home country, England, to plant a church. By His grace during our 5.5 years there, my family and I planted the Skelmersdale Baptist Church—an independent work with its own building that is now self-supporting with the exception of the pastor’s salary. We saw many saved, baptized, and growing in the Lord. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord (Isaiah 55:8.). For some time, I had felt the Lord leading us to turn over our work in England and start a new one. We did not know how or where we would go, but I continued to seek the Lord, talk with my wife, and ask wise men for counsel. As I watched America “from afar” and cringingly watched the election unfold, the Lord burdened me for the churches in America. The decision to return to America was not made lightly nor was it motivated by church trouble, finances, or discouragement. It was a still small voice. The Lord had worked out a perfect replacement for us. We are amazed at His timing. Our replacement would arrive right when He would