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move us on. We never would have guessed His plan from the beginning. The church voted unanimously for their new pastor, though they were sad to see us leave. We never planned to leave England, but His journey for our lives moved us yet again. We felt like Abraham, going “to a land I will show you.” And show us He did!! Through a strange (though not to God!) set of events, He led us to a tiny church in rural Commerce, Texas. A building was for sale—the only independent Baptist church in town that closed down five years before when the pastor died. After a long flight with seven little boys and 21 suitcases, we arrived in Florida, stayed with my in-laws for a few days, then traveled to Texas to confirm His leading. The former pastor’s daughter met us and turned over the small church building (on three acres) complete with pews and piano. There are 10,000 people in the town and 12,000 students when a branch of Texas A&M is in session. What a great way to influence people who can go around the globe with the Gospel! and culture” of this new place and gather more support to make up for the loss we encountered in returning from the “field.” We found several churches willing to invest in us as they realized the need to help America become a strong Christian nation once again. One church in Texas offered to print 10,000 tracts and flyers with our reopening information. Reseeding America Ministry printed Romans booklets with our church information on them, and three churches sent groups to help get flyers to thousands of homes. The Tuesday night Bible Studies in our home grew to the point that the people suggested we move to the church building. We began meeting We were able to get a mortgage on a house six minutes from the church but just outside city limits with room to run for our large family! It was in serious need of repairs but is a perfect size for church functions and ministering to college students through sports and picnics. I did repairs and updates to both church and house and settled my family for the first two months as we visited churches in nearby cities to get the “feel 29