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there on a regular basis on Wednesday nights, enabling us to build a nucleus in anticipation for the Grand Opening. We had a 4 th of July picnic at our house and invited everyone we met around town. Quite a few showed up and we developed relationships with a number of needy people. The Grand Opening was very well attended. Forty-nine were there! At the invitation a man walked the aisle crying. When he reached the front he said, “I need to be saved!” As he was being shown from the Bible how to receive Christ, his 14-year-old son also came forward as well as another man! A week later we had our first baptism as father and son followed the Lord together. We bought a cattle trough and sump pump and were able to have our own baptismal. We started with just one Sunday morning service and Wednesday night. Soon we added Sunday nights as the people wanted it and some work Sunday mornings. We are waiting to start Sunday school because of space. The church building is quite small and since we are a large family, we have attracted families with children. We are using a small room off 30 the auditorium, but we are full to capacity. The children used to go outside to sing Sunday mornings so they would not interrupt the adult services, but now it is too cold! We are praying and saving toward a portable building to be used for the children and as a fellowship hall. We have had numerous visitors as we are the “new thing in town.” A few families have joined us as attendance has ebbed and flowed. The Lord has given us the opportunity to entertain each family in our home for dinner. We have met neighbors and befriended sales clerks and bank personnel. We have hosted home school events and participated with a few home school groups nearby. The Lord provided a Christian man who designed our new website. He has also provided free lumber I can use for repairs and maintenance. I am a blessed man! Though it has been a tough journey at times, I would not trade being in His will for anything in the world. I am excited to see the continuation of this journey, though I pray it involves no more moving to other countries! But one thing I have learned—the blessings outweigh the struggles a million times over. W